In this space you can download the audio-visual and didactic material that has been prepared by the Biobank of the Public Health System of Andalusia. These materials inform citizens about the importance of the treatment and conservation of biological samples and their associated data for current biomedical research.

  • View the video entitled: “The journey of a research sample” prepared by the Biobank for information about the research process (YouTube) Link
  • What is the Biobank of the Public Health System of Andalusia? (Youtube). Link
  • Scientific Societies: ISBER (Youtube).
  • Andalusian Registry of Sample Donors Biomedical Research (Youtube). Link
  • National Bank of Cell Lines (Youtube). Link
  • Molecular biology techniques for quality control and identification of cell lines. (Youtube). Link
  • How do we freeze human tissue and what are some of its applications in biomedical research? (Youtube). Link
  • Where do we store biological samples from donors (Youtube). Link