Other NBCL Services

The National Bank of Cell Lines offers the following additional services:

  • Provision of advice and/or management of projects involving human pluripotent stem cells (hESCs and/or hiPSCs). In this context, the BNLC is responsible for advising on and managing the ethical, legal, and administrative aspects of the project, thereby facilitating the research project.
  • Generation of pluripotent trunk cell lines (hESC and/or iPSC).
  • Characterization of pluripotent trunk cell lines (lines that are generated or not generated at the NBCL centres).

The request for the service of generation and characterization of pluripotent trunk cell lines must come from research projects that can prove that they have been duly approved by the corresponding autonomous or state authority and are in possession of a favourable report from the Commission of Guarantees for the Donation and Use of Human Cells and Tissue.

Applications can be submitted to any of the NBCL centres or directly to the Secretariat of the NBCL.


Secretariat of the NBCL

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Nodo Granada

Nodo Valencia