Advisory Services

The Biobank of the Public Health System of Andalusia offers advice with regard to the organization of biobanks and the management of human biological samples for research.

For some years now, society has demanded transparency and regulations with regard to the use of human biological samples for research while also demanding responsibility for the rights and protection of donors. Our country has set the benchmark in Europe in this area and we have a specific law that regulates biomedical research, namely Law 14/2007. We wish to highlight the following lines taken from its preamble:

"In a few years, the collection, use, storage, and transfer of biological samples for diagnostic and research purposes has become enormously important. Research involving procedures with human biological samples is becoming more frequent and research with gametes or embryonic and reprogrammed cells has become more common in the field of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. However, these scientific advances give rise to ethical and legal uncertainties that must be regulated, with the balance and prudence that is required by an issue so complex that it affects the identity of the human being so directly."


Formulario de Solicitud de Servicios de Asesoramiento


Advisory Services Request Form


The PHSA Biobank is organized according to the requirements set out in current regulations and is committed to disclosing these requirements to society in an open and transparent manner. In this context, we provide:

Advice to Biobanks regarding:

  • Biological sample collection strategies
  • Technical procedures for the efficient use of biological samples in research projects
  • Preservation and storage methods
  • Management of sample requests and management of information associated with biological samples

Advice to researchers and professionals regarding:

  • Collection, handling, and preservation of biological samples
  • Current ethical-legal and methodological requirements for the execution of research projects
  • • Current legal requirements for the treatment of human biological samples in biomedical research according to Law 14/2007, RD 1716/2011 and Orden ECC/1404/2013.

If you require specific advice or do not find what you need above, please do not hesitate to contact us and request our Tailor-made Services..

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