Preservation and Safekeeping of samples

The Biobank of the Public Health System of Andalusia has facilities for the safekeeping of biological samples, including infrastructure and control systems that guarantee the samples’ integrity, safety, and traceability. We employ specific maintenance and security plans that govern these services. We also offer a safekeeping service for replicas of samples that are part of the collections at different biobanks or collections that have been developed by researchers as an additional security mechanism.

The preservation and safekeeping (custody) services that are offered by the PHSA Biobank are:

  • Storage in liquid nitrogen tanks at ‐196ºC: We have 21 tanks available for the storage of cell lines and other samples for which preservation at this temperature is required.
  • Storage in deep freezers ‐80ºC: Our deep freezer equipment enables us to keep samples such as RNA, serum, plasma, etc. at optimal conditions as recommended by international good storage practices. At the PHSA Biobank, we have 92 deep freeze units.
  • Other types of storage: We possess storage space which is suitable for the safekeeping of samples at 20ºC, 4ºC, and at room temperature for clients who need these types of storage conditions.



Formulario de Solicitud de Servicios de Procesamiento


Formulario de Solicitud de Servicios de Preservación y Custodia

Consult the requirements for the reception of samples for these services with our staff at the following address:

For any other sample preservation needs or support do not hesitate to contact us and request our Tailor-made services.