Cell Line Unit

The Cell Line Unit is responsible for the development and establishment of different cell lines, thereby allowing for the construction of different disease models with applications in biomedical research. The PHSA Biobank is the central coordinator of the National Bank of Cell Lines and has the objective to guarantee the availability of human pluripotent cell lines throughout the country. In this regard, the Cell Line Unit of the Biobank is engaged in developing the work derived from the generation, expansion, preservation, and safekeeping of these lines.

  • Expansion and provision of different types of cell lines
  • Freezing of cell lines
  • Generation of conditioned medium
  • A hPSC Tank
  • Adaptation of cell lines to different cellular and semi-synthetic supports
  • Adaptation of cell lines to different culture media and supplements
  • Manual and automated cell viability control
  • Cell marking for cytometry
  • Subcutaneous injection of cell lines in mice
  • Intratesticular injection of cell lines in mice
  • Intraperitoneal injection of cell lines in mice
  • Obtaining tumours generated in experimental animals.

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We also have experience in:

  • Lymphocyte immortalization
  • Generation of embryoid bodies (EBs)
  • In vitro differentiation


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