Genetic Quality Control and Biomarker Unit

This unit performs work related to the isolation and quality control of nucleic acids from different types of biological samples. Furthermore, it can perform detection of biomarkers in liquid samples and conduct quality control of cell lines, including the determination of the genetic status of cells and control of genetic stability throughout the process of generation, expansion, and cell differentiation.

- QC1 quality control for cells and tissue samples ensuring the authentication of cell lines and their sterility in terms of the absence of pathogens:

  • Detection of mycoplasma
  • Analysis of STRs (so-called ‘genetic fingerprint’)

- QC2 quality control for cells and tissue samples:

  • Conventional cytogenetics in cell cultures, bone marrow, blood and blood derivatives
  • Conventional cytogenetics in murines
  • Molecular cytogenetics: SKY spectral karyotype (human and murine) and fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) from frozen cells and tissue samples

- Other services:

  • Robotic extraction of DNA from blood and blood derivatives: cells; tissue samples (embedded in paraffin, fresh and frozen) and body fluids
  • Robotic extraction of RNA, from blood and derivatives; cells and tissues (paraffin, fresh and frozen)
  • Extraction of circulating nucleic acids
  • Quantification of DNA and RNA using different methodologies
  • DNA and RNA integrity control using different methodologies
  • Gene amplification of different fragments
  • Quantitative gene amplification
  • Retrotranscription (also known as ‘reverse transcription’)
  • Analysis of DNA fragments in agarose
  • High-resolution analysis of DNA fragments in agarose
  • DNA functionality analysis by PCR
  • Gene expression assays

For more details of the services offered please consult our price list..

We also have experience in:

  • Genetic analysis of PCR by hPCSs susceptible to alteration
  • Analysis of mutations by qRT-PCR
  • Kits for recurrent chromosomal alterations in pluripotent cells by qRT-PCR
  • ELISA.


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Formulario de Solicitud de Servicios de Procesamiento

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